Advertising Terms

Welcome to the innovative MobileGPT advertising platform, where Generative AI meets WhatsApp. With our service, advertisers have a unique channel to engage users in a truly organic manner. For a successful partnership, it's paramount that you adhere to our advertising policy outlined below.

1. Eligibility and Ad Format:

Account Verification: Before embarking on the advertising journey with MobileGPT, each advertiser must have a verified account. Verification involves confirming the authenticity and legitimacy of the advertiser, ensuring our users receive only credible content.

Ad Types:
Text and Link: A short, engaging message paired with a clickable link.
Character Limit: Text up to 300 characters; Links capped at 150 characters.
Purpose: Ideal for promotions, offers, or brand messages, emphasizing the call-to-action via a direct link.

Image Only: A static, captivating image.
Optimization: Recommended resolution of 1080x1920 pixels for clarity.
Purpose: Perfect for brand awareness campaigns or visually-led promotions.

Text, Link, and Image: An amalgamation of text and visuals.
Character Limit: Text up to 300 characters; Links capped at 150 characters.
Purpose: Suitable for detailed campaigns, new product launches, or multi-faceted promotions.

Format Specifics: Precision and clarity are key. Ensure that images are of high quality, with legible fonts and colors that resonate with your brand and appeal to the MobileGPT user base.

2. Placement and Pricing:

Integration: Ads are tactfully positioned within user chats, ensuring they complement rather than disrupt the conversation.

Billing Model: Each ad is charged for 1000 unique views.

Performance Metrics: MobileGPT offers a transparent reporting dashboard, enabling advertisers to monitor ad impressions. However, engagements like clicks or interactions aren't guaranteed and are influenced by ad content and audience resonance.

3. Audience Insights:

Demographics: Understand the diverse MobileGPT user base by accessing aggregated demographic data. Insights geographical distribution, and user preferences.

Distribution Dynamics: Ads are served based on real-time user activity. While we optimize for maximum exposure, pinpoint targeting within specific demographic sub-segments isn't feasible due to the dynamic nature of our user base.

4. Ad Review and Approval:

Review Duration: Our dedicated team meticulously evaluates each ad for content, design, and compliance. This rigorous process ensures only the most suitable ads reach our users.

Rejection Protocol: Advertisers are promptly informed of any issues or non-compliance factors. Detailed feedback aids in rectification and resubmission, streamlining the process for future campaigns.

5. Acceptable & Prohibited Content:

Greenlit Ad Categories: We welcome diverse industries, ensuring ads resonate with various user interests. From showcasing the latest tech gadgets to promoting holistic health platforms, MobileGPT's user base offers varied engagement potential.

Banned Ad Categories: To maintain a safe, positive environment, certain categories are strictly prohibited. This includes any content that's harmful, misleading, or inappropriate for a general audience.

6. User Experience & Content Guidelines:

User Respect: We prioritize user privacy. MobileGPT's ad delivery system is engineered to serve ads without extracting or infringing upon user data, maintaining trust and confidentiality.

Content Integrity: Authenticity is vital. Ads should be transparent, honest, and devoid of misleading claims. Any ad mimicking platform functionalities or inducing undue urgency will be flagged.

Safety Measures: We have zero tolerance for harmful or malicious content. Rigorous security checks ensure ads are clean and user-friendly.

7. Feedback Loop & Dispute Management:

Feedback Channel: Open channels of communication foster growth. We encourage advertisers to share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions.

Conflict Resolution: Should disputes arise, a structured resolution protocol is activated. Our team works closely with advertisers to understand concerns and arrive at amicable solutions.

8. Amendments & Updates:

Regular reviews of our policy ensure it remains current and comprehensive. Significant amendments are communicated proactively, and we recommend periodic revisits to this policy to stay updated.

9. Contact Us:

Email: advertising[at]