Case study: How Mpho used Generative AI to Learn Python Programming

Meet Mpho, a recent university graduate. Faced with the challenge of finding employment after four years of university studies, Mpho decided to pivot towards software programming. This blog recounts Mpho's exploration into Python programming, initially through conventional online resources and eventually with the transformative guidance of MobileGPT's Generative AI.

Generative AI, as shall be illustrated in this case study, stands as a beacon of innovation in coding education. Its capacity to individualize learning experiences, tackle challenges, and expedite the mastery of complex subjects like Python marks a paradigm shift in the learning landscape. As technology continues to evolve, Generative AI emerges as a tool for learning ans as a catalyst for empowering individuals to conquer new horizons of coding proficiency.

This blog will focus on Mpho's story:

  • The Struggle Post-Graduation

  • The Search for Python Proficiency

  • Discovering MobileGPT

  • The Learning Assistant Features

  • MobileGPT: The Best Choice

The Struggle Post-Graduation

After completing a four-year university program, Mpho found herself in a familiar predicament faced by many graduates – the job search. Unable to secure a position in her field, Mpho decided to venture into software programming, recognizing the growing demand for coding skills in the job market. She did more research and learned amazing things about python. She decided to start a new career as a Python developer.

The Search for Python Proficiency

Mpho's search for Python proficiency highlighted the limitations of traditional online learning methods, which often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and can be time-consuming. While YouTube tutorials, Udemy courses, and resources from Skolo Online provided a comprehensive introduction to Python, they lacked the flexibility and personalization that Mpho needed. The rigidity of these platforms, with their set curriculums and pace, made it challenging for Mpho to tailor her learning experience to her specific needs and schedule.

Recognizing these constraints, Mpho began exploring more innovative and adaptive learning methods. Her pursuit led her to the cutting edge of educational technology: Generative AI. She discovered that AI-powered learning tools offered a more dynamic and interactive approach. These tools could adapt to her learning style, pace, and preferences, providing a customized learning experience that traditional methods lacked.


Mpho started experimenting with AI-based coding assistants. She started to leverage AI-driven educational content generators, which could create tailored tutorials, exercises, and projects based on her current skill level and learning goals. This approach made her learning journey more engaging and relevant, allowing her to focus on areas that interested her the most.

In addition, Mpho tapped into online AI communities and forums, where she collaborated with other learners and experienced programmers. They shared insights on how to effectively use AI for learning Python, discussed AI-generated code examples, and offered solutions to Python-related problems.

Through her exploration of Generative AI as a learning tool, Mpho not only accelerated her Python proficiency but also gained insights into the potential of AI in personalizing education and making learning more efficient and adaptable to individual needs.

Discovering MobileGPT - WhatsApp based AI Chatbot

Mpho's discovery of MobileGPT marked a significant turning point in her Python learning journey. Intrigued by its capabilities, she decided to experiment with this advanced Generative AI chatbot. What set MobileGPT apart was its sophisticated understanding of natural language, allowing it to interact in a manner strikingly similar to a human tutor. This feature made learning not just informative, but also highly engaging. 

Learning Assistant AI Features

The conversational nature of MobileGPT made the learning experience more interactive and less intimidating. Mpho could ask questions in real-time and receive immediate, clear explanations. This instant feedback loop helped her quickly grasp complex Python concepts and syntax. The chatbot also provided practical coding examples and exercises, allowing Mpho to apply her learning directly.

MobileGPT Learning Assistant Features

MobileGPT as a coding assistant

Within the conversational mode, mpho engaged MobileGPT in natural language conversation, initially asking it standard coding questions. For example MobileGPT is very good at:

  • Providing specific code for completing certain tasks, Mpho could ask questions like: “Write me the code for a flask application” and get a response with code that she could run and test.

  • MobileGPT was also very good at translating text to code. Coding is a language where the user is talking to a computer explaining to it what to do. AI is very good at language translation - so Mpho could write down the coding steps she wants to implement in natural language and the AI can convert that code to Python. Example prompt is: “I want to write a script that will scrap this website using Python: - Once I get the scrapped code in HTML, I would like to extract all the paragraphs and concatenate them in to one long string, remove any emojis from the text and save the entire scraped text as a .txt file in the root of the application”. MobileGPT can take this prompt and write an executable python script.

  • Problem solving and debugging – as a new developer, Mpho often encountered errors with her code. Searching the internet did not always give her the solutions she needed - there was a specific day she could not understand what was wrong with some HTML code that was not displaying correctly, by simply copying and pasting that code in to MobileGPT - the AI could immediately identify the missing closing </div> that can causing the distortion. Another example is errors that she could simply copy and paste in to MobileGPT to get a solution. 

  • Converting between coding languages - it was also a pleasant surprise that MobileGPT could re-write code. Often some online documentation that Mpho came across was written in curl - a generic API language, she could simply copy and paste that code and ask for the AI to re-write it using python requests.

  • Coding best practices - after writing files and lines of code, sometimes the code get jungled up. Mpho could simply add that code to MobileGPT and ask it to re-structure it and add comments to help with code readability, which AI does really well. 

However Mpho's journey started with learning, when she initially tried to learn from the conversational end - this is what she got:

Customized Learning Experience AI chatbot

Although very detailed in terms of what you need to learn, this is not really a lesson plan and not very helpful to someone trying to learn a whole programming language.

Managed - Custom Learning Assistant

What Mpho really needed was a custom learning assistant, this is already built in MobileGPT and can be accessed from the menu which is returned with every message within the chat mode.

When you are in the learning mode, MobileGPT delivers the lesson plan step by step, including links where learner can get more information and practical examples to help the learner understand the concept. MobileGPT delivers a quiz to further enforce the lesson and grades the response with a score. This was a big difference maker and saved a lot of time and this is what she got.

MobileGPT: The Best Choice

Python programming AI

In the end, Mpho found that MobileGPT was the ideal choice for her learning journey. The chatbot's ability to provide personalized lessons, coupled with the efficiency of its learning assistant features, significantly accelerated Mpho's understanding of Python. 

The seamless integration of a conversational tone with robust, adaptable teaching methods streamlined the learning process, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. MobileGPT's effectiveness in providing tailored guidance and managing lessons efficiently made it the optimal choice, marking a significant milestone in Mpho's successful transition into the world of programming. 


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“Teach me sign language basics”

Mpho's journey, as narrated in this case study, illustrates the transformative impact of MobileGPT in overcoming post-graduation challenges. From the frustration of job hunting to discovering a passion for Python programming, Mpho's story encapsulates the efficiency and adaptability of Generative AI in guiding individuals toward proficiency in coding. MobileGPT emerges not just as a tool but as a mentor, tailor-fitting lessons to the unique needs of learners like Mpho, ultimately paving the way for newfound opportunities in the tech industry. 

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